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Burt Bacharach Project

It’s been a few years since the creation of a Burt Bacharach tribute commanded by the MAHJ for which Olivier Hutman had written wonderful arrangements. 

Well... we did it!! We have finally recorded it and in tremendously good company :

Olivier Hutman of course on Piano , Sylvain Romano and Jean-Claude Ghrenassia on bass, Steve Williams on drums and wonderful  guests like Bruce Johnson’s voice, Hermon Méhari‘s trumpet, Hugo Lippi’s guitare and Andre Ceccarelli on the drums. 


To be released in November 2020


Watch out for our sneak peeks

Christian Escoudé

Django, Les inédits


I  recently have had  the pleasure of recording and writing lyrics on Christian Escoudé’s new album : 

« Django, Les Inédits »

A very beautiful project and a magical album.

Tuxedo Night - Stephy Haik/ Christian Escoudé

Improvisation 2 / Django Lullaby - Stephy Haik / Django Reinhardt

La Messe de Django

Choti - Stephy Haik / Django Reinhardt


 Schtetl to Broadway 


 « SCHTETL To BROADWAY”, is a project  dear to my heart, created  for the Berlin Jewish Museum. It was to honor famous Jewish women, all performers of different  genres and times, from Molly Picon, Naomi Shemer, to Barbra Streisand, Amy Winehouse...

Olivier Hutman and I conceived this project together while he concocted all the arrangements. 

Each time we have played this project, there is such collective emotion.


Waiting For The  Night

     To Smile

Waiting for the night to smile.jpg

 « Waiting For The  Night To Smile »

Stephen Sondheim’s music

2 voices , 2 pianos 


Together with my dear friend Maria Laura Baccarini, that I had met thanks to  Lambert Wilson’s project  «Nuit Américaine», we dreamed of doing something with Stephen Sondheim’s repertoire. And we did!! In the wonderful company of Bruno Angelini and Stephan Oliva, who both gave us magical arrangements, a projet was born: two singers, two pianists, a common love of the repertoire. 

Waiting for the Night To Smile” Sondheim projet  au TRITON Jazz Club-

2 voices /2 pianos Stephy Haik - Maria Laura Baccarini - Bruno Angelini - Stephan Oliva 


Music & projects

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